You can’t get the job if you don’t answer your phone.

If you have applied for a job, keep your phone close by (and charged).

A potential employer who loves your resume will want to get in contact with you. Don’t make that too hard.

This seems like really simple stuff but here are the top five reasons candidates I initially liked, failed to get an interview.

Number 1: their phone was “out of service”

What happens to your phone service when you are out of range?   What will a potential employer hear if your phone is turned off or charging or in a low service area?

If I called a candidate to offer them an interview and got the standard recorded response … ‘the number you have called could not be reached, please try again later …” chances are I wouldn’t call back.

Number 2: the person answering the phone was vague

If you’ve applied for a job and hoping for a phone call from a potential employer, don’t leave your phone with your little brother, cousin or grandparents while you hang out the washing. It is very possible they’ll end up frustrating the person hoping to find you and  you’ll miss out on that interview.

Number 3: the phone number was wrong

Double-check the number listed on your resume or in your application, get a friend or your mum to check it too. It’s really easy to miss a digit or type a number incorrectly and you don’t want the recruiter to call the local car-wash instead of you.

Number 4: the message service cut out mid-message

Make sure you have a clear message in your own voice instructing how to get in contact with you. Then make sure the message bank system works and is easy to use.

Number 5: the message was offensive, too long or creepy

If you have applied for a job don’t use a pre-recorded message by a celebrity, something with swearing or offensive language and especially a message where you sound intoxicated. Even if it’s just for a week or two, record a short clear message (like the one that follows here) …

Hello you’ve reached Jane Smith, please leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as possible. Thank you.

Recruiters are usually very busy, having large pile of resumes and lists of candidates. You need to make it very easy for a potential employer to contact you or risk them moving to the next candidate on the list.

If you need some help crafting your resume or preparing a job application, please contact me on



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