Dress for the job interview (not the pub)

What you wear can lose you that job.

Whenever you are attending a job interview, place close attention to what you are going to wear. If you don’t make much effort with your personal appearance, your recruiter  might think you won’t make make much effort at work.

When deciding what to wear, think about where you will be working. If the job you are applying for requires you to greet customers (like in a bar,  hotel, restaurant or shop), your personal appearance will be particularly important.

Don’t wear low-rise pants or hipsters to job interviews.

Here is an example of a real interview I conducted about six years ago.  A young lady, about 19 or 20 arrived in a pair of hipster pants that were a little too small. She slumped down in the chair and casually dropped her handbag on the floor. To be honest I don’t recall a lot about the actual interview, but I do vividly remember when she stood up to leave.

Facing the door and with her bottom pointed directly at me, she bent right over to pick her handbag off the floor.  Unfortunately those hipsters slid way down and her G-String (that’s a thong if you’re from the USA) rode up to where her blouse should have been and wasn’t. I felt really embarrassed for her particularly because she had absolutely no idea the impact it had on her personal presentation. She didn’t get the job.

What you wear represents you.

Every job and situation is different and every employer will have a unique set of  expectations, but I suggest that you never wear the following items to job interviews:-

  • low rise pants and hipsters
  • torn jeans and pants
  • shorts
  • thongs (that’s flip-flops (USA) or jandals (NZ))
  • mid-riffs
  • leggings

You don’t have to deny your inner rock-star just because you are applying for a job (celebrate afterwards at the pub in those low-rise leather leggings) just make sure your clothes fit and they are clean and pressed. Oh, and try not to bend over in front of the recruiter.

Wishing you all the very best in your job search.

© 2016 Melinda Irvine

PS: Click here if you would like some help with your resume or preparing for a job interview.


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