It’s all in the formatting

You can’t get the job if she can’t open the file

There have been many times I have been sent resumes and job applications by email and I haven’t been able to open the file. The job seeker had created or saved the document outside the the standard format of  Microsoft Word or PDF (Portable Document Format) or accidentally deleted the file extension.

The best advice I can give you is (unless specifically instructed by your recruiter)always  send  resumes, CVs or job applications as a PDF. So if the job listing says Word or PDF format, always choose PDF.


Did you know that electronic documents don’t always look the same?

The reason to always choose a PDF format is because PDF documents always display the same. If you create your resume or CV in Word.ver.2013 and then your recruiter opens that resume or CV in Word.ver.2016 there might be some problems with formatting and the way the document displays. What this means is your resume may appear perfect on your computer and in your version of Word, but your recruiter’s version might have an extra page or a heap of blank space.

Another consideration is if you create your resume using different software such as Mac  Pages and export as a Word document.  This can also cause problems with formatting. The only way to ensure that the recruiters sees the same resume or CV as you, is to convert the resume or CV into PDF format.

Don’t delete the file extension

Another thing to watch is the file extension. By this I mean your resume might be called MY.GREAT.RESUME.DOC and the file extension is the .DOC part of the filename. When saving a document it is really easy to accidentally delete the file extension from the end of the document. If you do this the recruiter won’t be able to open the file. Just check before uploading or sending as I have had many resumes and job applications sent to me with this problem.

Get help with your resume today

If you having problems just send your resume to  and I will be happy to provide a free appraisal. You can also use the contact form to get in touch.



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