Don’t be late: 32 ways to miss your job interview

Don’t weaken the recruiter’s first impression of you by being late

I remember once arriving ridiculously early for a job interview so I went to the coffee shop next door. I got so distracted checking emails, I forgot the time and ended up late anyway.

With this in mind I’ve made a list of a couple of things that can make you late for your job interview to encourage you to plan your trip and interview outfit the day before, and don’t let anything stand in the way of you and that dream job.

  1. Late buses, trains or trams
  2. No credit on your train/bus pass and the queue is enormous
  3. Missing a connection
  4. Getting off at the wrong stop
  5. The interview office is further from the bus stop than you realised
  6. No taxis available because of wet weather
  7. Unexpectedly encountering a one-way street
  8. GPS directions take you the long way
  9. No visible street numbers when you finally arrive
  10. Writing down the wrong address
  11. Your phone goes flat and it has all the directions and details
  12. Losing the piece of paper with the address
  13. Roadworks with long delays
  14. A car accident halts traffic
  15. Very heavy rain, wind or hail slows the traffic
  16. Road closures because of storm damage
  17. Road diversion because of a parade, rally or marathon
  18. You are pulled over by police for RBT (Random Breath Testing) or a traffic violation
  19. No parking at the interview address
  20. Getting a flat tyre
  21. Your car breaks down
  22. Burning a hole ironing your pants
  23. Your housemate borrowed your clothes without telling you
  24. Spilling coffee on your white shirt and only business tie
  25. Getting a phone call from your mother
  26. Losing the car keys
  27. Watching a new show on Netflix and forgetting the time
  28. Locking the keys in the car
  29. Partying the night before and waking up hungover
  30. Forgetting to set your alarm
  31. Sleeping through your alarm
  32. Your pet snake gets out

Don’t be the candidate who turns up late for their job interview carrying your resume, a sheepish look and a pile of excuses. Whatever the reason being late will weaken your professional appearance (especially if everyone else managed to turn up on time).

© 2017 Melinda J. Irvine (NewJobMe)


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