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A great resume is more  than a chronological list your training, certifications and length of a service with past employers. Your resume is a showcase of your skills and experience in a way that demonstrates your ability to do the job you are applying for, and convince the person short-listing that big pile of job applications that you should be interviewed.

The format and layout of your resume is as critical as the words selected. Busy recruiters have more chance of noticing you if the text is easily scannable and isn’t getting lost inside brightly coloured icons, inappropriate graphics or too much text.

Your resume needs to be written in clear English, free of errors and typos and your prospective employer will expect your resume to be in PDF or Word format (no more than 1-2 megabytes in size).

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Resume Sample

Sharing a view of my own  functional resume which I send to clients needing copywriting services. Unlike CV’s, a  person can have multiple resumes to suit different purposes. If I was applying for a specific job I would create a separate professional resume specific to the specifications of the advertisement. The professional resume would list my work experience, skills and key achievements to demonstrate I fulfil all requirements of the advertised position.